Music Ministry


Laura Hall


Pat Edwards 

Phillip Perez

raquel mcgee


God has woven music into the very fabric of His creation. When He made all things "the morning stars sang together and the angels shouted for joy."--Job 38:7 The book of Revelation portrays heaven as a place of ceaseless praise, with songs of adoration to God and the Lamb resounding from all.--Rev 4:9-11; 5:9-13; 7:10-12; 12:10-12; 14:1-3; 15:2-4; 19:1-8

Because God made humans in His image, we share a love and appreciation for music with all His created beings. In fact, music can touch and move us with a power that goes beyond words or most other types of communication. At its purest and best, music lifts our beings into the very presence of God where angels and un-fallen beings worship Him in song.


Do you play a musical instrument?  Would you like to participate in the worship service through the ministry of music? If you are interested in more information or would like to volunteer your talents, please contact church office: 773-732-5445